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Our range of results-driven facial therapies are designed to nourish, hydrate & purify the skin for a radiant glow & youthful appearance. Regular facials will help to maintain optimum skin health while peels are great for refreshing skin texture or resolving skin health concerns. These have been carefully selected by our skin specialists in order to provide patients with an optimal choice from gentle to more invasive options.



Nourishing facial therapies that deliver results.

Treat acne with this highly effective biological treatment designed to decongest & clarify.  This is the most respectful method of exfoliation, encouraging the natural cellular turnover process of the epidermis.  Includes steam & extractions as needed.

A perfect pick-me-up for tired, dull complexion!  Your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and a thick layer of Dermaviduals® Vitamin Cream Mask is applied. You enjoy a relaxing neck and shoulder massage while your skin soaks up the mask.

Replenish & Correct

Corrective facial therapies to address concerns with high-performance active serums to repair, hydrate & ultimately restore skin health.

This 1-hr powerhouse treatment is personalized to target your specific skin need of the day, be it congested, dehydrated, sensitive, red, itchy, flaky skin or something in between. 

Highly effective masks and active ingredients are chosen to address the causes & symptoms of your specific skin concern. While your mask penetrates, you enjoy a relaxing hand massage, followed by a luxurious facial massage to conclude the treatment.

Vascular lesions commonly found on the nose & cheeks, pigmented spots on the face & body, as well as any lump or bump, can effectively be removed with our powerful Fotona laser. Specifics will be discussed during your Initial Skin Consultation with our physician. Learn More >

A Jessner peel (or Jessner’s peel) is a medium-depth chemical peel that exfoliates the skin’s outer layer in order to create a smoother, fresher appearance, with improved tone and texture. It’s used to treat acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade dark spots of hyperpigmentation, and minimize the appearance of acne scars. The intensity level of the peel can be customized, to treat your specific concerns. For best results, a series of treatments are recommended. Learn More >

One of the most effective treatments for minimizing fine lines, eliminating scars, and promoting younger, healthier-looking skin! Microneedles stimulate collagen production without damaging the skin. A valuable treatment for everything from acne scars to wrinkles, pigmentation & open pores.  Microneedling is an investment in the future of your skin.

Regenerate & Transform

Transformational skin therapies to defeat the signs of aging, pigmentation and sun damage. The perfect blend of powerful ingredients & cutting-edge technology to deliver maximum results.

Accelerated age management procedure using Fractional laser to stimulate collagen & elastin production, creating healthy, younger-looking tissue. For best results, we recommend combining laser with a topical regime including retinol. Book your consultation to determine suitability. Learn More >

Skin rejuvenation at its best, improving hydration & texture. Combining the hydration of hyaluronic acid with microneedling, the beauty booster works by plumping the skin to improve texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while hydrating the skin and imparting a youthful glow to your complexion.  This treatment has immediate results, but it also offers long-lasting benefits by promoting collagen growth within the skin. The V2 Booster treatment can be used on the face, neck and hands. Learn More >


Microneedling, in conjunction with topical PRP for facial rejuvenation,  is commonly referred to as the ‘vampire facial’.  The addition of the platelet-rich plasma amplifies the regenerative effects of microneedling due to its high concentration of growth factors and delivers everything your skin needs to stimulate cell regeneration & increase collagen production naturally.  The result is younger-looking skin. Learn More >

Want To Know More?

We offer a variety of treatments, products and services at our clinic in Olds, and our team of educated professionals welcome your questions. The first step in the process is sitting down with us for a consultation where we will discuss your concerns, establish whether you are a candidate and chat about the results you can expect to achieve. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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