The first consultation, generally covered by Alberta Health Care, is booked with Dr. Van Der Vyver. Our family physicians working in the area of Medical and Aesthetic Skin related conditions will ensure medical skin problems are assessed, diagnosed, prescriptions issued and home treatments are advised. After the first step in your consultation, we’ll discuss your options for the service you’d like to receive, which may include cosmetic and uninsured services. Quotes will be generated and given in writing for those. This gives you as the client the opportunity to discuss treatment options before pursuing a service.

Same day treatments, if time allows, can be done for short procedures such as Botulinium Toxin/ cortisone injections and cautery of minor skin lesions. More elaborate treatments like minor surgical procedures usually get booked during a designated appointment time in the following 2 weeks.

We often recommend an Advanced Skin Analysis (ASA) so that we can customize a medically-directed treatment plan for our clients in order to achieve the goals of correcting facial, skin and underlying problems.

If it is your first visit to our clinic, please print and fill out our General Demographic and General Consent forms. Links to the PDF forms can be found below:

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the first appointment to fill out a confidential, health history record. In consideration of others a 24 hour notice is required for cancellations or appointment changes. There is a $75 charge for last minute cancellations or missed appointments. Please contact our clinic for more information, or call 403.559.6047.

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