Aesthetics Procedures for Red Deer, Olds and Central Alberta

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Trying to understand your skin composition and finding the right skincare routine can be frustrating and a waste of time and money. Under-nourished skin that is stripped of its protective layers is vulnerable to breakouts, infections and reactive irritations. We offer a 60min in-depth analysis with a therapist trained in the Pastiche™ Method at our Olds location; this helps with identifying skin concerns and establishing the cause of these conditions. Data is gathered, using an SD 202 Unit that digitally measures lipid, hydration, melanin and erythema levels. In addition the OBSERV® camera shows skin fluorescence and polarized light change. This unique method not only analyzes the surface of the visible skin, but also shows what lies beneath; revealing the color, tone, texture, and sun damage. This allows us to link products, such as Dermaviduals®, with treatment methods for each skin condition and develop individualized protocols for men, women, teens and children.

An option for the removal of light, fine, peach-fuss hair by changing the pH of the skin. It is novel method which during a 20 min application to the face. This increases the pH of the skin to 8 and thereby removes the fine (peach fuss) light hair that laser cannot ablate.

The enzyme peel is a biological peeling of the skin based on natural enzymes, i.e. pineapple/papaya enzymes. It is gentle and can be used on very sensitive skin. There are no harsh peeling effects as with fruit acids or herb peels. A series of enzyme treatments will remove the buildup of dead skin cells; this is especially effective in the case of acne, aging, oil and pore-related problems. This unique mask-like treatment is topically applied for acne, aging, oil and pore-related problems. It is administered bi-weekly and completed in a series of up to 6 cost effective sessions.

Excessive dead skin cell buildup and poor skin function contribute to wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, pigmentation, blackheads and breakouts. Our Signature treatment, the Medi-Facial is customized to meet the specific needs and long-term goals of each client. Vitamins and active concentrates with creams identical to the membrane structure of the skin, and a delivery system that guarantees penetration into the deeper layers, are the points of difference/benefit of this facial treatment. The facial and hand massage provides a wonderful feeling of relaxation leaving the skin soft, supple and well hydrated.

This well-known superficial skin resurfacing procedure uses gentle mechanical abrasion to remove skin plaque and debris related to sun damage and external factors, by increasing blood supply, improving lymphatic drainage and enhancing product penetration. We combine the Diamond Microderm™ with our laser treatments thereby optimizing your outcomes at Olds location.

A non-invasive rejuvenation treatment allowing for improved penetration of skin care products, addressing aging, subtle sun damage and dry skin. Higher levels of vitamins and other beneficial ingredients penetrate into the lower layers of the epidermis, sending messages to the fibroblasts to produce more collagen for plumpness and fullness. We do recommend the use of collagen-boosting and skin-fortifying products that contain Vitamins and Peptides.

The approach to diagnosing moles has changed over the past decade. By using the dermascope, our primary care family physician will be able to determine the suspicions of melanoma. Signs of melanoma are diagnosed earlier and more accurately, so there is no unnecessary removal of benign lesions. Lesions are excised when they show signs of concern. At DermaNuva Skin and Health, at our Olds location, we keep pictures of borderline lesions in or medical software program for comparison during follow up appointments. If you’re concerned about a mole on your body and want someone to take a look it, our qualified physicians will do just that. The dermascope provides high resolution images, and it can be sent to a remote speciality provider or to document and archive an existing condition. The best method to assess whether moles need to be ‘mapped’ is through a complete assessment of all your moles using the dermascope. The images created by the dermoscopy are catalogued or also known as “mapping”.

Medical skin conditions that warrants a prescription will be issued by the examining doctor, for filling at the drug store of the patients choice.

At our Olds location, our medical visit and consultation is the foundation for diagnosing skin conditions. It is a thorough 20-30 minute visit with one of our physicians. We then create treatment plans and partner with clients on options that include medical prescriptions, surgery, injectable and laser for common skin problems such as acne, aging, moles, keratosis, warts, sun damage and pigmentation.

The cost of the initial visit is covered by AHC as well as subsequent medical related visits. Any procedure that is not fully covered will be discussed and a quote given for the cost of these treatments. Where possible procedures are booked within 1-2 weeks of the initial visit. Referrals from other physicians are accepted and it offers the benefit of communication between our clinic and the family doctor of the patient.

Certain medical skin problems need screening and testing with laboratory investigations. Allergy related problems often need more advanced testing. Referrals are done via Tele-dermatology to experts in the areas of interest. Clients are referred for advanced surgery such as MOHS, which is done for complicated skin cancers. Initial biopsies to diagnose a problem and complete removals are often done by our doctors; it saves patients visits and travel time to Calgary or other cities.