We arrived at a stage in the clinic’s existence to give to you, the existing, returning and interested client a piece of our minds; a look into our lives and share of the thoughts that have enriched us, that challenge(d) and trouble us. We are striving to come up with solutions to offer, perform and assist everyone looking for advice on skin related problems and treatments the best possible options.

In these frequent blogs we choose to be non-biased, non-discriminatory; if our creative thinking excites or even bothers you, let us know via Facebook. Random thoughts on topics as headlined below will feature periodically in this blog.

Fitness: Why is exercise really good for us? It lowers our blood pressure, it decreases our insulin resistance ( and likelihood to develop Diabetes), it rids us from toxins, [at least faster] keep our bone density up, especially with resistance training. More on this type of training in the near future. It aids in the improved quality of sleep and gives us the sense of well-being; which we need so much when we work busy schedules.

Health: What is killing our nation? Wars, viruses, car accidents; yes, but the biggest killer is sugar. It drives up insulin, causes inflammation, increases cholesterol ( more than animal fats). The solution; Go with non-processed protein and fat, cut way back on the sugars and your body will take care of itself.

Sleep: Sleeping in a cool room at 16-18degC is proven to be beneficial for your health, quality of sleep, increases REM (deep sleep). So keep the windows a tad open and wake up refreshed. Cooling the survivor of an heart attack down to 32degC is the same principle, the brain can go into a low metabolic rate which can refresh itself in the case of a sleeping person.

Nutrition: Vitamin D is one-of-a-kind , it’s more a pro-hormone than a vitamin, it strengthens the joints, keep cancer development at bay. Remember that Vit. D from direct sunlight on the skin is of higher quality than the D3 we buy off the counter. Respiratory infections are linked to low levels of Vit. D. On the other hand there is no place for routine t. D blood level testing, taking 1000-2000U will take care of all the human needs.

Stress: Not all stress is bad stress, at the same time some stress is physical, and not only emotional. Electro Magnetic Energy in the form of WiFi, microwaves, computers, cellphones etc is like a bathtub of energy we move and live in daily. By walking barefoot outside, especially on soil, sand or grass is a great way to discharge our bodies of the EMG that has gathered over the period of a day in our bodies.

Food: Probiotics are in, antibiotics are out (as much as we can choose). If we think that 70-80% of our immune system is nestled in our gut then it takes very little to realize why antibiotics can decrease our immune system. Build up your general immunity and resistance to illnesses by using frequent natural probiotics such as Kiefer, Sauerkraut and Kombucha.

World News: While it is difficult to predict what influence Donald Trump will have on world events down the road, it is easy to realize that Twitter and Social media is making it big with him in the White House. The digital news world may criticize him, but their turn-over are telling that they like him.

Sport/Money: Sport-betting is legal, but illegal and legal betting accounts for an annual 3-5 trillion US-dollar industry. This is a huge slippery slope for the fan who loves sport, and who wants to dip into the world of gambling. Be aware of the website that pops up and invite a few dollars on the team and the sport you think you know well. Players bet themselves, so how can that game be neutral if it can be thrown from the inside?