DermaNuva is a Medical Skin clinic providing high quality dermatology, laser and aesthetic services and treatments to the central Alberta and Mountain View area. We are constantly researching new skin & health care treatment options to offer you effective natural skin care solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering professional, patient-focused care. Two primary care dermatologists, a nurse injector, skin therapist and laser technicians work as a team. We diagnose and assess skin conditions; advise and provide information on products in our clinic, as well as products for home use. We use bio-identical skincare to treat most skin problems, laser treatments to remove or enhance more stubborn problems and surgical treatments to remove or restore medical and cosmetic skin lesions.

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Dr. Johann van der Vyver and Dr. Orest Kutskyy are the primary care dermatologists at DermaNuva. They offer advice, diagnostic services and treatment plans for skin related difficulties. Their experience as Family Physicians allows them a wealth of knowledge to be able to diagnose and treat your skin related problems. Gastro-intestinal difficulties often present as resistant, chronic recurring skin issues like rashes, breakouts or allergies. We provide advice, education, counselling and screening to assist with these persistent skin complications. We seek teledermatology consultations with other dermatology specialists to provide our clients with the most thorough assessment and treatment plan possible. DermaNuva services include patient consultations from other physicians on a referral basis. Your initial skin consultation is covered by AHC, however most office procedures are not covered. Procedures with a medical diagnosis are often covered by extended health benefit plans.

Dr. Johann Van Der Vyver CCFP(FPA), D.P.DERM

Dr Johann van der Vyver – Family Medicine and Primary Care Anesthesia (South Africa) and Practical Dermatology and Dermoscopy. He has been living with his family in Olds since 2006, and he enjoys and values the community and the quality of people in the Mountain View area.

“The joy working in this clinic comes from encounters with many patients. Their satisfaction and gratitude for our assistance or treatment of their skin problems makes every patient visit an endearing experience.”

Dr. Orest Kutskyy CCFP

Medical training (Ukraine) and Family Medicine, currently working on a diploma program in Practical Dermatology and Dermoscopy.

“My mission at DermaNuva is to improve the health and well-being of each patient by providing exceptional cosmetic and medical dermatology care. Treating and preventing the signs of aging by offering a wide range of treatments using the highest quality products and equipment, is my focus.”

Retha Van Der Vyver Co-Owner/ Skin Therapist

Co-owner and trained skin therapist in the field of Pastiche skin analysis and assessments. She also offers advice on nutrition for skin health.

“The skin is the window into the body. I love doing the analysis, matching each client’s skin to a product that mirrors the skin structure, and see the transformation & client satisfaction when the barrier is restored and the skin correct itself.”

Holly Ruby Cosmetic R.N.

An experienced injector of Botox and Sclerotherapy. She has 30 years of nursing experience and performs laser, micro needling and hair reductions with professional and passionate care.

“I love being able to help others benefit from the services we provide. All of us here at the clinic sincerely care about our clients & each other. I wish everyone could come in & experience any of the extensive health and beauty treatments and products we offer!”

Melanie O'Neill Laser technician/ Receptionist

Laser technician and Receptionist. She brings a warmth and compassion to all the clients in her care.

“I enjoy interacting with clients and providing them with advice on skincare, makeup, and effective treatments to help their skin look and feel better. I am also very thankful to work with such a great team here at DermaNuva.”

Anjelika Chatwood Laser and Skin Technician

She offers personal, practical and focused care during Medi-facials, peels, micro-dermabrasion and laser treatments.

“Working with a great staff in Dermanuva  provides a caring and welcoming environment. It’s always a pleasure to offer various services and connect with each patient. It’s wonderful to see how we make a difference in a person’s life.”

Tammy Malmberg Administrator

Our able administrator has been working with us since the inception of DermaNuva. She manages all accounts, oversees reception and administration.

“I’ve worked in the the clinic since it opened its doors in 2010, and it is amazing to see how much we have grown over the past 7 years. I enjoy seeing the results that are achieved and the confidence that it builds in our clients”